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October 2nd, 2014
05:23 pm
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(Advance Reader's Copy's up for grabs!
I have many Advanced Reader's Copies of books sitting around that I have won in various contests. I cannot sell them because they are not the completed, for sale, book. I am going to start to give them away to friends.

Many are already released now as finished books. Others are not. I will put a list of them here with a link to their Amazon page so you can get an idea of what the book is about. I will also attempt to write the genre of book that they are as I list them.

If you are interested (and willing to pay postage) they are yours. Just let me know which ones.

The Pentrals by Crystal Mack- (Young Adult, Fantasy)
Suddenly Last Summer by Sarah Morgan- (Romance)
Gemini by Carol Cassella- (Medical Mystery, Relationship Drama)
A Life Apart by L.Y. Marlow- (Drama, Historical, Family, Generation Spanning)
Altered (Crewel World 2) by Gennifer Albin- (Young Adult, Fantasy, Dystopian)
Come To Me Quickly (Closer To You Series) by A. L. Jackson- (New Adult, Romance, Relationship Drama)
Sisterhood of Dune by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson (Science Fiction)
Madam: A Novel of New Orleans by Cari Lynn and Kellie Martin- (Historical Fiction)
Moth and Spark: A Novel by Anne Leonard- (High Fantasy, Dragons, Historical Elements)
Hillari's Head by Tim Stutler- (Drama, Family Mystery, Woman Main Character)
The Catch by Taylor Stevens- (International Mystery, Strong Female Character)
Seeing America by Nancy Crocker-
(Male Coming of Age, Road tripping, Turn of The 20th Century)
Make Me Lose Control by Christie Redgway- (Romance novel)
The Wednesday Group by Sylvia True (Women's issues, fiction)

There will be more added as I read through my pile of "won in contest' books and I will take off the ones that I have given away. Keep checking back.

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June 28th, 2015
04:15 pm


The Theory of Everything.


Boring. Just boring. I understand Hawking has had a rough go of things in life but watching it unfold on film was boring. I understand why his first wife and he broke up. She cared out of caring for him. The relationship was so much work for her. That was what I took away from the fgilm. That thought didn't change how dull the film was. Not a fan.

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June 24th, 2015
03:59 pm


The Best of Me
For some reason I was in the mood for corny, Nicholas Sparks brand, weeper, movies last night. I am not often in this mood but gave in and fired up the Netflix.

I chose The Best of Me.

The story was awful and very paper thin. I liked the younger actress but not the younger Dawson actor. He was too cardboard in acting. The story was Nicholas Sparks cliche right down to "kissing in the rain" scene. Yet, at times, I grabbed for the kleenix box and shed tears. As I said, I was oddly in the mood for this type of film last night.

I would not recommend it because it was not the best film. I would give it three stars out of five since I did emotionally connect with it in my weird mood.

I am struggling to finish another fluffy weeper called Remember Me.

I don't have a problem with Robert Pattinson's or Emilie de Ravin's acting in the film. They are both solid actors. It just seems very clunky in editing. Like chunks of the movie are missing. It made me turn of the film halfway through and I am not sure if I will finish it. I read the ending of the film and it makes me unsure I want to watch it even more, using 9/11 as a plot device in a fluffy weeper film. Yikes!

I still have one DVD to watch from the library as well. I may watch it tonight.

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June 23rd, 2015
04:00 pm


Beyond The Lights
I saw Beyond The Lights last night.

Such an cliched and awful film. I spent a lot of my time rolling my eyes at this film. It was just so lame and awful. It also seemed really, really, dated in how it protrayed the music business.

I have another DVD to watch and get back to the library so will do this in the next few days.

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June 18th, 2015
12:57 am


Yves Saint Laurent and Jurassic World
I saw Yves Saint Laurent last night on Netflix.

I enjoyed the film even if it was more about style and beauty than coherent plot. I loved the cinematography and the acting. The actor that played Yves Saint Laurent was wonderful. I will have to watch for him in other films. I like fashion so that made this film extra fun for me. I did feel the plot was a bit weak and not a lot was resolved. There was also a huge time leap to his death. So a beautiful film to watch but not much plot.

I headed to the movie theater tonight to see. Jurassic World.

I love me some dinosaurs! There were those in the film which made me happy but not enough of them. Instead the film tries to focus on the people and it plods along when it does this before everything goes to heck.

Biggest issue??? Bryce Dallas Howard wears stiletto heels and manages to run, climb, drive a car quickly, and walk through a muddy jungler in them. Hell! She even outruns a T-Rex in them asnd I call major BS on that! She manages all this without losing/breaking a stiletto heel and the shoes are still on her feet and in good condition at the end of the film. BS! BS! BS!

The love story seemed contrived. Howard and Chris Pratt do great at pretending not to like each other but being attracted. The kiss was corny as hell. Then they are a couple but Pratt just seems annoyed instead of attracted to her after the kiss. So that didn't work.

But the dinosaurs were cool. They just needed more sense of urgency and menace. And Howard not wearing stilettos. They left it open for another film in an obvious way so looks like another will be on the way.

And with that I am off to bed because I am to be a zombie tomorrow, in make-up and on set.

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June 16th, 2015
09:48 pm


I saw Cake last night.

This film was so good! I really don't understand the hating on the main character in this movie that happened when it was released. She is in constant, chronic, major, pain so she is bitchy. Who wouldn't be? Add to it the emotional pain being one year from the accident that caused it and the loss of her son.

It was a really emotionally engaging, well written, film. Definitely worth a watch.


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07:38 pm


I am in the teaser trailer!!!!!
The season 2 teaser trailer for Z Nation was posted today at SyFy's website.

I am in it! For a split second! If you are US resident and can view video at link...I am 3rd zombie with the bobbed hair!

So cool!

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June 15th, 2015
09:50 pm


Movires and more.
I am sure (almost) everyone has heard of the crazy stuff going on with the (now ex) president of Spokane's NAACP and her lies about being African American. It made national news and even international news (in some countries).

It turns out Rachel Dolezal is a complete fraud in almost every aspect of her life. When the lies came out last week, she doubled down on insisting she was black despite mountains of evidense to the contrary. Her supporters still defend her, and look quite foolish doing so. Everyone else is angry at her or laughing about how she thought no one would ever find out her lies.

Article talking about the lies Dolezal made up about her life:

Me? I thought she may be mixed race due to aspects of her appearance but not surprised she turned out to be a fraud. I am glad the local chapter of the NAACP is now distancing themselves from her and her made up race/life. Hell, she still is trying to claim she is black! She refuses to own up to her 6+ years of living in blackface and accepting money meant for minorities. The worst part? She could have worked for the NAACP as a white woman, without all the lies!

She obviously is a compulsive liar and has some sort of personality disorder. But, that doesn't stop her from benefitting from her lies. She has blown out of town and will be on the national morning show "Today" tomorrow tripling down on her lies while getting paid for her appearance.

So, that had been all over the news here and drawn nationwide news crews to town.

I have been late night movie watching these past few days. I saw Rudderless two night ago.

It was an interesting film that really built up emotional feelings near the end. I guessed the whole truth about the main characters son early on; there would be no other reason for news crews to hound him, his ex.wife, and the son's girlfriend so rabidly. Definitely worth a view and the music the band in the film plays is not bad.

Last night I saw Unbroken.

The film was okay but seemed to fall short of the emotional punch it needed to have to make it a great movie. I felt sorry for the main character because when his bomber went down and he got captured by the Japanese, he just couldn't get a break. He got singled out for extreme abuse by the prison camp overseer. It is all based on a true story but I just wished the story had been tighter. It dragged a bit.

Tonight, I watch Cake. It is due back to the library tomorrow. So, tonight's movie viewing is all planned.

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June 12th, 2015
04:37 pm


The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones.
This film....

Completely fucking awful!!!!!!!!!

The acting was awful. The story made no fucking sense. What the hell was Lena Headey even doing in this film????

I suppose the complete crap it is should be excpected since it is based off a book by that hack Cassandra Clare. Still it was such a steaming pile of poo...that made no sense. Maybe if I read the book it would but I have no desire to. The bad acting was inexcusiable and made this trainwreck super hard to watch.

The guy who played Jace? CAN. NOT. ACT. No even a little bit. He was completely talentless. Totally blank faced.

And how super sqwerky is it to throw in the "Surprise! You may be siblings!" into the romance between the two leads and expect people to still be all, "But they LOVE one another!!! ONE TRUE LOVE!!!!" Just no.....even though I Googled and found out it was a lie that doesn't come out for a couple books as they continue to kiss, almost have sex, and other icky love stuff. That person is suppose to be a sibling. NO! It was so not cool and if I were a parent of a teen reading this series? I would be flat out deeply disturbed how the romance and love was pushed despite them maybe being siblings. Makes me think Clare has some serious mental issues.

So yeah. Completely shit movie. Not surprised it was one of those "blink and you miss it" movies in the theaters.

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June 7th, 2015
12:17 am


Inbetweeners 2 and Into the Woods
I saw Inbetweeners 2 last night.

I enjoyed the tv show and I was as bit "meh" on the first movie but....really enjoyed this one. It was insane, really raunchy, and had gag inducing grose moments. Yet...I laughed so hard at it! I was surprised at how funny it was to me. It seems to hit just the right grose, stupid, and outright wacky balance that just jived with me. I felt so much better about things and all the laughing lifted my mood. This means I have to give it a thumbs up but say it is not a movie everyone would like.

Then I saw Into The Woods.

I liked the music because it is a musical. Who knew Chris Pine could sing?!?! I liked the first portion of the movie because of how it incorporated fairy tales. I just feel it lost its impact when the reenter the woods and it becomes the heavy-handed cautionary tale about watching out on which stories you tell to children. I felt that act of the story fell flat. I would like to see the stage production since it did start out as a stage musical. As a movie? It was so-so.

I am not sure what I will watch tonight. I have 3 dramas on DVD and there is always lighter fare to watch online.

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